Welcome to a lecture on VetBact at SVA on February 12, 2013

Kaggen giving a lecture on VetBact.

Kaggen giving a lecture on VetBact for veterinary students, 25 September 2012.
Photo: Staffan Tamm/VetBact.org

VetBact is a database containing information about 215 bacterial species of interest in veterinary medicine. On February 12, Kaggen (Karl-Erik Johansson) and Staffan Tamm will present VetBact in “L√•ngskeppet”, SVA at 14:00 to 14:45, for the staff of SVA. The recently introduced modules VetBactBlog, VetBactQuiz and VetBactLab will be presented as well as some other new features of VetBact. VetBactLab is a module by which virtual experiments can be performed.

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