New families within the order Enterobacterales

Phylogenetic tree with certain species within the order Enterobacterales. Species affected by the new family names are marked with red dots.

The order Enterobacterales (formely called Enterobacteriales) is a large taxon containing many bacteria of veterinary importance. The members of this taxon have different properties and form a number of distinct phylogenetic groups. Six new families have now been introduced within the order Enterobacterales, which makes the new taxonomy to better reflect the phylogeny of this group. These new families are: Budviciaceae, Erwiniaceae, Hafniaceae, Morganellaceae, Pectobacteriaceae and Yersiniaceae. Four of these families are represented on VetBact and the genera that are relevant are indicated within parentheses for the respected family: Erwiniaceae (Pantoea), Hafniaceae (Edwardsiella), Morganellaceae (Morganella and Proteus) and Yersiniaceae (Serratia and Yersinia). The bacterium Plesiomonas shigelloides has not yet been assigned to a new family and therefore, it stands as inserta sedis. For more information, see article by J. M. Janda & S. L. Abbott.

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