The bacteriology course for veterinary students

Students in the lab.

Students are identifying bacteria during the 2017 course in bacteriology for veterinary students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

In Sweden the course in bacteriology and food microbiology for veterinary students started on August 28 this year (2017) and will last until October 5. The bacteriology course is given during the second year of the veterinary programme and is attended by about 100 students. There is only one veterinary school in Sweden. The course consists of lectures and laboratory work. During the course, VetBact is used as a source of information, to check the knowledge and to perform virtual experiments. Links to lectures on YouTube can also be found on VetBact.

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3 Responses to The bacteriology course for veterinary students

  1. MA. DELIA A. PAGENTE says:

    Hopefully i can attend some trainings and seminars about Bacteriology and Mycology either Rapid tests or in conventional methods??????Please reply.Presently I am working at the College of Veterinary Medicine Visayas State University, Vsca Baybay City, Leyte. but unfortunately we are still not using PCR just a Conventional way of identifying microorganisms. Actually we have A PCR machine but the supplier did not come to our College to conduct any trainings so that our equipment to be come functional and also very hard to avail some of the primer used.Hopefuly you can help us in doing so.Anticipating for your kind consideration.

    • Ingrid Hansson says:

      Dear Delia A. Pagente

      Thank you for your interest in Bacteriology and our Website. Unfortunately we have primarely courses for veterinary students in Swedish and do not have the possibility to give international courses for the moment. I think that the course you are looking for should be focused on molecular techniques that some unversities give for PhD students.

      Kind regards
      Ingrid Hansson
      Senior lecturer in Bacteriology, SLU

      • MA. DELIA A. PAGENTE says:

        yah i understand and thank you very much for the reply. But ever you have some trainings someday please invite me if ever possible.

        More power and again thank you very much.

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