The bacteriology course for Swedish veterinary students, 2021

Micrograph of hyphae from the dermatophyte Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Photo Ann-Louise Bergefur (SVA).

The bacteriology course for the Swedish veterinary students starts on September 16 and we would like to wish the students very welcome to this course. We hope that the students will find VetBact and the new resource AgriMyc useful during their studies and especially since the lectures will be on-line due to COVID-19. AgriMyc is a database with information about fungi that are of interest in agriculture and veterinary medicine(see previous blog post). We appreciate all kinds of feed-back, which will help us to improve the databases VetBact and AgriMyc as well as their different parts. We strive hard to make the two databases as useful as possible for the visitors.

/The VetBactRef Group

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