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Staphylococcus epidermidis – a recently included bacterium in VetBact

We have now included Staphylococcus epidermidis in VetBact because it is a commensal on skin and mucous membranes of many animals (including humans, cattle, dogs and horses). S. epidermidis can be isolated from clinical samples as a contaminant, but it … Continue reading

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Why is Escherichia coli currently (2011-02-23) the most frequently visited bacterial page on VetBact?

Escherichia coli is currently the most frequently visited bacterium of VetBact. The reason cannot  be explained only because I recently recovered from a severe urinary tract infection caused by E. coli. Furthermore, it cannot be the picture of E. coli … Continue reading

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Carbohydrate fermentation

We are currently restructuring and updating the information about which carbohydrates  bacterial species can ferment under production of acid. The updated information is stored in a form suitable for use in a planned module for bacteriological experiments in silico, which … Continue reading

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Rhodococcus equi – new colony pictures

Rhodococcus equi causes airway infections in  horses. We have replaced the old single colony picture of R. equi in VetBact with six new ones. This one shows a closeup of R. equi colonies cultivated on purple agar with lactose. Note … Continue reading

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New colony photos of Staphylococcus aureus

We’ve added some new images in the last couple of days, including some nice colony photos of S. aureus subsp. aureas where the double hemolytic zones are clearly visible. The clear α-hemolysis is indicated with the black arrow and the … Continue reading

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New and improved colony pictures

The quality of some of the colony pictures can be improved and we are continuously replacing some of the old ones. For each bacterium, our goal is to have one picture of the entire agar plate and one closeup of … Continue reading

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Financial support for bacteria from dogs

We have received a grant from the Foundation of Thure F. och Karin Forsberg for “Further development of the database VetBact, with special reference to bacteria isolated from the dog”. This grant will make it possible to improve and add … Continue reading

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VetBact goes interactive!

Welcome to the VetBactBlog where we will inform you of new features and updates in the VetBact database! We will also share our plans for the future of VetBact and we invite our users to participate in the discussion.  Please … Continue reading

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