Welcome to the bacteriology course 2018 for vet students

Baktkursen 2017

Some happy vet students are showing their successful results to the senior lecturer Ingrid Hansson during the bacteriology course 2017.

The bacteriology course for the Swedish veterinary studentsĀ started on September 20. We hope thatĀ  the students will find VetBact useful during their studies and we appreciate all kinds of feed-back, which will help us to improve VetBact and its different parts. One rather new part in VetBact is the General Quiz that can be used to check the knowledge in veterinary bacteriology and we hope that the students will find it

Feed-back can be given in different ways:

  1. By leaving a comment on this post (in English or Swedish) in the VetBactBlog. The comment will be published on the Blog if it is relevant.
  2. By using the contact form, which can be reached from most pages of VetBact (particularly useful if you want to comment or ask a question about a certain bacterial species).
  3. By leaving a comment on the form, which can be opened when you have finished a case in VetBactLab (particularly useful if you want to comment on the in silico cases).

The VetBactRef group

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